Marion County, Iowa Main election Information. Find information about the following: Primary Elections, General Elections, City Elections, School Elections and Special Elections.


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This is the main election information page. We have broken elections into five (5) categories for ease of use. The categories are:

Primary Election

General Election

City Election

School Election

Special Election

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Absentee Voting Information 

An absentee ballot request form must be completed by the voter for each election that a voter wants a ballot for. The completed form should be submitted to the county auditor on the state prescribed form.

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An absentee ballot is a ballot that the voter records and casts other than at a designated polling station on Election Day. Typically these ballots are mailed, though some states provide provisions for emailing ballots, faxing ballots, or delivering them in person to a designated location.

Military and Overseas Voting Information 

For U.S. citizens residing outside the U.S. or members or family members of the U.S. Armed Forces. The Federal Post Card Application Form (SF-76), Registration & Absentee Ballot Request will update your voter registration record and absentee ballots will automatically be issued to the registrant through the next two general elections.

Potential Candidate Information 

Individuals considering running for public office should read the Candidates Guide for that office available on the Iowa Secretary of Stateís Website at .

Potential candidates should also visit the Iowa Campaign Ethics & Finance website at to get information regarding campaign laws and required reporting information.

Letter from Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board

Click here for Elections and Voting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).

1. Where do I vote? Click here to open the Marion County, Iowa Voting Precincts and Polling Locations Map Click here for a List of Precincts and Poll Locations.
2. How can I get an absentee ballot? Answer: Complete an Absentee Ballot Request Form and submit to county auditor. Absentee voting can be done at the Auditorís Office or your ballot can be sent to you by mail. Click here get an absentee ballot request form.
3. I have moved. How do I update my voter registration information? Answer: Complete a new voter registration application and submit to the county auditor.
4. Can I register to vote on Election Day? Answer: Yes, but there are specific legal requirements as to the identification documents you need to bring with you to the polls. Additional information may be found at the Iowa Secretary of State's website at .
5. I am considering running for public office. What information do I need? Answer: Many of your questions can be answered by visiting the Iowa Secretary of Stateís website, and the Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board website.
6. I have a lot of questions about the entire voting process, is there some place I can go for information? The Iowa State Association of County Auditors (ISACA), in cooperation with the Iowa Secretary of State, has created a series of slideshow presentations explaining different aspects of the election and voting processes. Click here to visit the ISACA website to access these presentations.

- A Primary Election is an election in which voters in a jurisdiction select candidates for a subsequent election (nominating primary). In other words, primary elections are generally when each political party decides its nominee for the upcoming general election. Primaries are common in the United States, where they trace their origin to the progressive movement. Elsewhere in the world, the nomination of candidates is usually the responsibility of political parties and does not make use of the public apparatus for holding elections. Primary Elections are held the 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in June in of each even-numbered year.

- A General Election is an election in which all or most members of a given political body are up for election. The term is usually used to refer to elections held for a nation's primary legislative body, as distinguished from by-elections and local elections. General Elections are held the 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November of each even-numbered year.

- A City Election is an election that occurs bi-annually on odd number years in November. A City election is used to elect the Mayor and Council Members for specific cities in Marion County.

- A School Election is an election held every two years in September. School Elections are used to elect school board members for specific school districts located in and adjacent to Marion County.

- A Special Election is any election that is not a regular scheduled election called for by any taxing authority in Marion County for specific purposes as defined by the Code of Iowa.